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2017 THE SHOOT Media Inc.


Korea VR Film Festival World’s first experiential VR international film festival planned, 5 senses massaging immersive media video festival where watching and experiencing can co-exist.


Social contribution activities to record and preserve the spaces and objects that are being lost whilst living in the time of rapid changes of city life VR Digital Heritage


Immersive VR HMD and interactive function added contents proposed. Global contents in production aimed at high loyalty target level.


2nd KWEB FEST BEST VR Award Recepient
SBS VR Contest 1st place
SBA DMC VR FEST 1st plac



VR Contents Production

VR Digital Heritage

51Street, Utoro Family

Production CompanyThe Shoot Media Inc.
DirectorKwak Dongchul
Date of Production2016.3
Film Length8min
Age RestrictionFor all ages
Production MethodLive Action 2D/3D 360 video
GenreHistory Documentary/ VR Digital Heritage

::Special Note ::
2nd KWEB FEST BEST VR Award Recepient
SBS VR Contest 1st place
Selected for next generation video contents (documentary) company support by Korean Film Commission

Though the town fades into history the story and lives of the residents go on
A portion of the 1,300 impressed Joseon laborers brought in for the construction of the Kyoto Military Airbase in 1941 were unable to return home after their release and formed this town as they settled in Japan. The houses of the town were unable to have their own house number, and according to the administrative district, the whole town is tied together as the 51st. Could that be why? The residents of the town have lived together and relied on each other like family throughout their history of hardships
The demolition of the town began from June 27.
This video was filmed in 360video on March 1st, before the demolition of the town began, and carries the view of the town and the stories of the town’s residents, with minimal exaggeration of emotions


Production CompanyThe Shoot Media Inc.
DirectorKwak Dongchul
Date of Production2015.12
Film Length3min
Age Restrictions15 and above
Production MethodLive Action 2D 360video
GenreDrama / Viral

Satirical piece that deals with the addictiveness of VR(Virtual Reality) which might be part of reality in the future
"2 men and 1 woman spend a regular day in their house one of the friends spends his whole day with his HMD and headphones on, deep in the VR world the other friends clean the house, play piano, and enjoy tv together…”



시청가능12세 이상
제작방식360 실사(LIVE ACTION) 2D VR

국내최초 VR웹드라마 [삶에 위로가 필요한 순간] 청춘 3부장 중 에피소드Ⅰ"오랜 취업준비 끝에 입사를 하게 된 서영은 친구들과 축하파티를 하기 위해 호텔에 온다. 친구들보다 먼저 도착한 서영은 들뜬 기분을 주체하지 못한다. 마치 구름위를 걷는 듯한 느낌을 만끽하고 있는 그녀에게 한 통의 전화가 온다."


시청가능15세 이상
제작방식360 실사(LIVE ACTION) 2D VR
장르바이럴 / 드라마

KVRFF Episode II “복층형 스튜디오 구조로 이루어진 실내 아내는 1층에서 요리를 하고 있고 남편은 헤드폰을 끼고 HMD를 착용한 채 무언가에 집중하고 있다.” 전편이었던 Addicted와 동일하게 역시 가상현실(Virtual Reality)를 소재로 하여 제작




"세계최초 체험형 VR전용 영화제 Korea VR Film Festival"

The Virtual Realty Industry is still in its infancy in South Korea but this is all set to change. Production and planning of the inaugural VR Film Festival is underway which will inform and inspire people about these exciting new changes in content consumption and production.  To promote the VR Film Festival a VR viral video has been produced and will be released soon.  We will strive to make this Korea's premiere VR Film Festival.  In the meantime we are creating a dedicated website where we will post updates and news to keep you informed of the festival's progress.

태동기인 VR산업 생태계 조성과 저변 확대를 목적으로 Korea VR Film Festival(KVRFF)을 기획,준비하게 되었고 그 첫걸음으로 영화제 홍보를 위한 KVRFF 360VR Viral영상 1탄을 많은 분들의 도움과 응원으로 제작하게되었습니다 향후 현재 접촉중인 지자체, 공공기관, 민간기업등과 연계하여 성공적인 VR영화제를 위해 보다 구체적인 행보를 이어나갈 예정입니다 추후 관련 내용은 영화제 홈페이지와 같은 별도의 공간을 통해 지속적으로 업데이트할 계획입니다


실감미디어 글로벌 킬러콘텐츠 제작
사회공헌활동 VR디지털헤리티지
지역 융복합 문화콘텐츠

위에 나열한 4가지 사업방향을 유기적으로 결합하여 글로벌 실감미디어 기업으로 성장하는게 목표이며 최우선되는 가치는 글로벌에서 통용되고 공감이 가는 완성도 높은 실감미디어 콘텐츠 제작입니다